Scaffolding Caster Jack


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Level jack for use with a wheel or caster.

This scaffolding jack fits between the scaffold frame and the scaffolding caster and allows for height adjustment upwards for approximately 18 inches.

Construction is very heavy duty. Galvanized or zinc coated completely (same thing). A hole is predrilled to pin the caster. Dent in the upper thread to prevent losing the wing nut.

Use this jack when you want to use your wheels but the surface is uneven. When your tower is erected it’s very difficult to move around without casters. If the surface is uneven jacks become almost a necessity.

These scaffold caster jacks also allow for an adjustment of the standing height of the tower if you want to fine tune the exact position for optimum work conditions.

Our caster jack is a solid-steel 22″ threaded rod welded to a female reciever that accept either our scaffolding caster wheels or our base plates. Allows for individual adjustment of each leg in conjunction with a scaffolding caster wheel allowing your scaffold to roll on uneven surfaces. Can additionally be converted to a level jack when used with a base plate in place of the caster wheel. Cold-dip zinc galvanized.


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