LVL Scaffold Plank




This LVL plank is a premium plank tested like no otherfor $5-$30 dollars less per plank than anyone you will get a quote from. No gimmicks, tricks or shortcuts.

This LVL plank is tested with a Metriguard 7200 HCLT. I doubt the plank you have been using for years is physically tested… This machine is patented and so costly that only the largest best equipped mills make this sort of huge investment. Smaller LVL manufacturer’s can’t afford it. It will physically test 3600 linear feet of plank per minute. Complete overkill for most LVL manufacturers. So they install cheaper acoustical test equipment. We don’t test LVL with sound… we physically test.

Every. Linear. Inch.

The 7200 is normally installed in larger sawmills where they produce MSR (machine stress rated) lumber. We know of no other LVL scaffold plank supplier in the USA that uses Metriguards top of the line physical tester.


  • (1) 8′-16′ X 2″ X 10″ Laminate Veneer Lumber (LVL) Scaffold Plank

  • Choose your length and quantity (min 50)
  • Ships in bundles of 50

Additional information

Weight32 lbs
Choose Length

10' LVL Scaffold Plank, 12' LVL Scaffold Plank, 16' LVL Scaffold Plank, 8' LVL Scaffold Plank, 9' LVL Scaffold Plank


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