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Scaffold USA is proud to offer complete scaffolding packages manufactured by Layher, the global leading manufacturer for system and frame scaffolding. Layher scaffolding products are among the safest and most reliable on the market.

Layher invented the original modular system scaffolding that is often copied but never equalled and have since refined their products even further resulting in less weight and higher load capabilities.


Ask yourself, do you prefer the original or a cheap copy?


This big scaffolding package comes with Aluminum stairs, Aluminum access deck with ladder, steel planks, base plates, guard rails etc. for this suggested size:
Length: 65′ + 30′
Width: 3’7″ (1.09 m)
Working Height: 19′ (26′ at Gable)
Platform Height: 13′ ~ 15′ (20 ~ 22′ at Gable)
Area: 2120 sqft (197 m2)
Weight: 8237 lbs
Type: Ring-Lock Rosette Scaffolding
Manufacturer: Layher
Material: Galvanized Steel and Aluminum

Made in Germany


Product and safety information:



Additional information

Weight8500 lbs
Dimensions156 × 90 × 35 in



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